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23 January 2020

EAN Spotlight: Laura Peery

Laura Peery is a Global Real Estate Advisor with expertise in the Richmond and Chesapeake Bay areas of Virginia. Before working as a realtor, Laura had a career as a behavioural health counselor.

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22 January 2020

Top Toronto Events in February 2020

February in Toronto might be cold, but you can warm yourself up with these events and activities. Get your ladies night right with Beer Drinking Ladies society, get romantic or anti-romantic for Valentine's day and go have a fun Family Day weekend around.

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2 January 2020

St. Regis Toronto: An Overlooked Gem

Gven its past, the building is currently off the radar of many agents and prospective buyers. But with the recent rebranding and remodelling, it won’t be long before the realtors and the general public awakens to

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